What is a Gaming Router and Should You Get One?

gaming router

Gamers who enjoy streaming their video games will need something powerful enough to deliver a strong connection from their internet service provider to their gaming platform or computer. A router is the source of power that is used, but whether you are playing on a PC or an Xbox, via an Ethernet cable, or over Wi-Fi, speed is crucial. This is why for many gamers, it is important to have a router that is designed to handle multiple devices at once and support HD streaming.

What are Gaming Routers?

Gaming routers are routers that are designed with PC gamers and console gamers in mind, especially those who play demanding, high-performance games. They include all of the features that you will need to ensure that your gaming experience is fast, uninterrupted, and convenient – something that may not always be the case with a conventional router.

Whether you are a casual gamer, a streamer, or a competitive player, a gaming router can help you ensure that your gaming experience is as good as it gets.

Quality of Service

The main thing that separates gaming routers from standard routers is that a gamer router offers a Quality of Service (QoS) setting, allowing you to prioritize gaming traffic on your router. As a result, this reduces any delays in receiving data from your PC to the server, helping you avoid the latency or lag that you may experience with a standard router.

Typically, QoS works by identifying applications that are using network resources before categorizing traffic and choosing which ones should benefit most from reducing jitters, high latency, and packet loss. This enables you to prioritize gaming applications over other software that consumes internet bandwidth such as smartphones or laptops.

Should You Get a Gaming Router?

If you are wondering whether or not a gaming router is for you, there are many reasons why you might find one useful. A gaming router might be a good idea if you have multiple devices at home that use the internet. The more devices you have, the more likely to will need to receive data simultaneously. With the QoS feature, you can give your gaming devices priority. Another reason to get a gaming router is if you need coverage. A gaming router can reach all the rooms in your home as they tend to be designed to reach a wider area and deliver faster speeds, even when there are obstructions present such as furniture or walls.

Finally, a gaming router could be a good investment for you if you play a lot of online games that require speed and high resolution. With modern games becoming more and more advanced when it comes to their graphics and overall size, most gamers need at least 6MBps for gaming online these days.


Gaming routers are essential for many people who are serious about improving their gaming experience, with several gaming-specific features to improve your overall experience and make the most of your fast broadband at home when playing your favorite online games.