HONOR 70 Price in Malaysia and Key Specifications

honor 70 price in malaysia

Honor Mobiles is a well-known and leading mobile phone company. The trend is repeating itself and this company is again gaining huge applause with the launch of honor 70 mobiles back in July 2022. These phones have brought the latest technology and updated features to the market.

The HONOR 70 price in Malaysia is RM1859 (This is the starting price of honor 70 in Malaysia).

This article is all about the honor 70 and its starting price in Malaysia. You will be able to learn about the things that are making these mobiles worth their price. After reading this article you will be able to better decide whether these mobiles are made for you or not.

Key Specifications of HONOR 70 

HONOR 70 is one of the latest mobiles in the world markets. This Android set has come with a lot of features and specifications. The following points will tell you about what are the specifications of HONOR 70.

#1. Fast & Reverse Charging

Coming towards the battery of these phones, you will see that these phones are made with 66W fast charging and 5W reverse charging features. Such high battery capacity is enough to use them at any time you want. You can also use them with just a few minutes of charging to listen to your favorite songs throughout the whole day and even at night.

#2. Ultrawide & HD Camera

Along with the incredible battery, these phones are offering you the Main Triple camera. You will get ultrawide and HD options in your main cameras. The aim behind these refind cameras is to let you click your images in a much more effective way.

#3. Updated Android Version

One of the best-operating systems equipped with Android 12 updates is present in these mobile phones. This updated version will be bringing new features for all built-in apps to increase the performance of your mobile phone.

#4. Supported Networks

These phones are amazingly made with the best-supported networks. You will find them 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G supported. They can easily capture strong internet connections from fiber optics as well. The strong connections are the reasons behind the popularity of these mobile phones.

Other Specifications Include

Along with the aforementioned specifications, there are a few more that are listed below.

  • If we talk about the sensors then you will find many in these phones. The fingerprint is one of the sensors. Aside from that, there are accelerometers, gyro, and compasses are also present. These things are further making these phones useful.
  • These smartphones also support GPS technology. This technology is used for mapping any location you want. You can check the exact location of your friends. You can find the exact pin location.
  • You will find many wireless connection options in these phones such as Bluetooth. Additionally, there will be a hotspot, Wi-Fi Direct, and dual-band. These wireless connection options will help you connect with a variety of devices for many reasons. You can play songs, watch movies, play different games, and use many apps with these connections.

Final Thoughts 

HONOR 70 is becoming new popular nowadays because of its key specifications and applications. The HONOR 70 price in Malaysia is making these phones widely used all over Malaysia.