Upcycling Textbooks is a movement to advance higher education beyond textbooks with more affordable, environmentally-friendly, and personalized learning tools. Upcycling encourages users to get creative and turn their old textbooks into works of art and higher function, while also providing a forum to share their creations with the community.




Creative Direction
Web Development


Upcycling seeks to inspire change by encouraging people to reuse and repurpose textbooks in unique ways. To support this vision, Screenpush sought to develop a brand that established a young, academic, yet informal feel to identify with the collegiate key market. In order to achieve this, the site needed to have lots of content (curated and user-generated) added to the site on a frequent and consistent basis. This meant that we needed to utilize proven technologies that not were only feasible for non-technical end users, but also scalable in order to handle large quantities of uploaded content.


Responsive Website Design
Custom PHP Framework
AWS Deployment
Content Production

We used a completely customized WordPress back-end and modified its architecture to support not only admin rights, but to give general users their own accounts to upload content. This was deployed on a scalable AWS structure that is both easy to integrate into 3rd party APIs as well as dependable in its support of numerous users and constant updates.


Upcycling now has a very robust platform that is scalable, predictable, and feasible for users. Since development, their site has experienced a consistent increase in users and traffic, and continues to perform beautifully.