Reimagine is a diverse and powerful collection of tools designed to offer support and assistance to those suffering from cancer, as well as to their friends and family.

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Web Design
Platform Development & Maintenance


To support its many features and services, this needed to be a large web platform that incorporated a community forum, a news/editorial site (with original articles and video content) and an educational program with a live component all in one. Though much of the content is free, there was also a paid component that needed be tracked on an individual user basis, with special access granted to paid users for special community topics as well as the core program. Implementation and refinement of the payment system, course materials fulfillment system, Adobe Connect for the live classroom component, as well as our own custom framework, CMS, and admin system created many unique challenges. All of this had to be accomplished with a very specific user base in mind, to ensure visitors with little to no experience with computers or Internet technologies would be able to navigate easily and have a positive experience with the site.


Responsive Web Design
Custom PHP Framework
AWS Deployment
Content Production

We developed a platform using the Laravel framework. This customized framework allowed us to incorporate all the technologies necessary to cover all aspects needed to make the product successful. The front-facing site was created with a visually appealing user interface, and an intuitive design for simple navigation.


We created a versatile and multi-faceted platform that, when packaged together, created a great product and easy-to-use multi-tool to provide support for those battling cancer.